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As April 1st gets closer, many are getting ready to file their H1-b Visa. However, unlike previous years, this year's filing will be quite different for certain applicants.


On December 18, 2015, President Obama signed a new law that will increase the H1-B Visa filing fees. These additional fees will apply to petitioners with fifty or more employees, with more than fifty percent of those employees in H-1B Visa nonimmigrant status. This new fee of $4,000.00 will remain effective from December 18, 2015 until September 30, 2025.  This is believed to have the largest effect on consulting firms who fundamentally hire individuals for the purpose of contracting their professional services to American businesses. They are most often foreign based companies from India.  The objective seems to be to deter these types of companies from using the H-1B Visa program.  While this fee increase will not affect most businesses based in the United States, it will have a damaging effect on their ability to hire foreign based professionals.  As the program stands now, companies are required to wait at least 6 months beyond April 1, 2016 for the new H-1B Visa candidate’s actual hiring date unless they have already a legal visa to work covering this time before the H-1B Visa becomes effective.

Despite these increased fees, we expect the H-1B visa quota to be reached at least within the first week of filings.  For more information on these new fees and the H1-B visa in general, please call our office at 732-379-4866.


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